It is “The jewelry That Carries Your Tools.”

In other words, it is tool-chain that you can wear that has tools attached to it to make your work easier by keeping your hands free to work — allowing you to have your tools easily accessible.

Yes and no. It is designed to be fashionable, but it is also utilitarian.

TOOLERY is made of the highest grade of stainless steel — so it is hypoallergenic!

It will not turn colors, nor should it cause any allergic reactions.

Yes. TOOLERY is made of high-grade stainless steel that does not rust or turn.


The main chain is long enough to be worn as either a tool-necklace or a tool-belt.

Additionally, some of utility-chains that hold the tools can be taken off the main chain and worn as a tool-bracelet.

TOOLERY comes with a main chain that has a pendent on it, plus several small chains to which the tools are attached.

TOOLERY tools included:

  • Folding Scissors
  • Mini Sharpie
  • Mini Cylinder Container
  • Mini Tape Measure
  • Key Ring
  • Glasses Holder Ring
  • Mini Light

All tools are attached to TOOLERY with lobster-claw hooks so they can be removed and/or reattached to different areas on the chains depending on how you’re wear it (as a necklace, bracelet or belt) and according to your needs and/or preferences while working with TOOLERY.

Simply unhook the item from the chain (or the chain from the item) and reattach it to the desired area of the main TOOLERY Chain.

No. All tools are removable. You can use all or only a select few that come with TOOLERY.

You can also add your own item to the chain, such as safety pins (not included) or a name tag (like a workplace ID or or you own ID)


Surprisingly, the chain itself is very lightweight –as is each tool.

TOOLERY is made of the stainless steel and/or plastic to make each item lightweight. The heaviest item on the chain is the pendant, which was made to act as a counterbalance for the tools when worn as a necklace.

The pendant is a special feature that makes the TOOLERY ergonomically correct. The pendant provides the needed counter weight to tools of TOOLERY when it is worn as a necklace. The pendant counter balances this front weight by hanging down your back .