"Not only is Toolery great for costumers, but it is great for your everyday consumer, as well. It's a great accessory for holding all of your important tools together, and it has the capacity to add things as you see fit. Toolery provides a nice, neat display that helps you with easy access to make sure you're always ready for any situation."
Costume Designer for Film/TV
"I love that I can choose to wear Toolery as either a necklace or a belt. I used to always wear my Toolery as a necklace because I was afraid it wouldn’t work as well as a belt --then I tried it at my waist and it worked great."
Broadway Dresser
"My job requirements often change from day to day, and definitely change from job to job. Having the option of adding and taking away items so I only carry what I need makes Toolery perfect for my line of work!"
TV Costumer and Tailor
"Some days I just don’t want to have anything around my neck, so I simply hook the Toolery around my waist to keep my tools on me that way. It’s great as a Toolery-belt!"
TV On-Set Costumer
"I love that the Toolery Necklace is so pretty. I get so many compliments on how it looks from people who don’t even know it’s made to hold my tools."
Housewife and Mother